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Journey Toward Sustainability


2012 Corporate Responsibility Report

Our annual Corporate Responsibility Report highlights our commitment to protecting the health and safety of our people, supporting organizations within our communities, safeguarding the environments where we do business and acting with integrity.

Textron's Business Conduct Guidelines

Learn how Textron is safeguarding and furthering its high ethical standards.

Ethics and Compliance

Ethics and Compliance

Earning the trust and respect of our customers, shareholders, employees and the communities where we live and work is serious business. At Textron, and throughout our business units, we adhere to a strict standard of ethics and compliance.

Textron's Business Conduct Guidelines

Textron's Business Conduct Guidelines

Our values - integrity, respect, trust and the pursuit of excellence - fuel ethical behavior in our business and community interactions. Our strategy is to prevent, detect and correct unethical or non-compliant behavior. Noncompliance with Textron's Business Conduct Guidelines is subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. All Textron employees - regardless of position or title - are accountable for safeguarding and furthering the high ethical standards associated with our company in the global marketplace.

Textron's ethics and compliance program is structured to reinforce ethical and legally compliant behavior. Our Ethics and Compliance (E&C) steering committees focus on the prevention of noncompliant and unethical behavior through risk assessment, risk mitigation, monitoring and education. Our program has been active for more than 30 years and has evolved to reflect changes in the business world and regulatory environment. E&C plans and initiatives follow a rigorous process.

Ethics Helpline

Our values and culture support an E&C program that is based on self-reporting and acceptance of personal responsibility for ethical behavior. Textron provides and publicizes multiple channels for employees to ask questions, raise concerns or report violations without fear of retribution. Suspected violations are investigated by appropriate Corporate and/or business unit personnel. If an investigation reveals the need to take corrective action, we will implement changes to systems, practices and procedures.

The Textron Ethics Helpline is:

+1 (800) 892-9871 (Toll Free in U.S. and Canada)
+1 (401) 457-6006 (Toll Call)