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Meet us on campus.

If having a vast assortment of career opportunities—in markets ranging from aerospace to automotive technologies, electric-power vehicles, defense systems and more—sounds promising to you, come see us at one of the many Career Fairs and campus visits we schedule every year. Come learn how your career aspirations can be realized in a global, Fortune 500 company with a reputation for building talented professionals.

We attend career events at numerous schools around the globe, forming relationships with students, faculty, administrators and student groups. Our intent is to form strong partnerships with schools to further the understanding between organizations, to advise schools on curriculum, to engage in research & design projects, and ultimately to recruit the best talent for our organization. Our campus visits typically follow the school’s recruiting calendar; our on-campus schedule activities are available through the school’s career services office. Below is our anticipated schedule of career fair participation for the upcoming recruiting season. If your school is not listed, we are still interested in learning about your goals and skills, and we encourage you to explore our job listings for entry level positions.

September 2014

4​ Indiana University​ Beta Alpha Psi Accounting/Finance Fair​
8​ Georgia Tech​ Fall 2014 Career Fair​
9​ Louisiana State University Career Expo-Engineering, Science & Technology​
9​ University of Colorado Money, Products & Sales Career Fair
9​​ University of Notre Dame ​Engineering Industry Day
9​ Georgia Tech​ American Society of Mechanical Engineers Career Fair
9-10​ ​Texas A&M University ​Engineering Career Fair
10​ Louisiana State University Career Expo-Business & Liberal Arts
10​ University of Notre Dame Full-Time Career Fair​
10​ Texas Christian University Fall Career and Intern Expo
11​ Pennsylvania State University ​Supply Chain Career Fair
12​ Indiana University​ Consulting/IS/Supply Chain Fair​
15​ Pennsylvania State University Information Sciences & Technology Pro Expo​ Career Fair
15​ Arizona State University Supply Chain Career Fair​
16​ Virginia Tech​ Engineering Expo 2014​ Career Fair
16​ Purdue University​ Industrial Round Table​ Career Fair
16 ​University of South Carolina Career Fair - ​Career Fest Fall 2014
16​ ​University of South Carolina ​S.E.T (Science, Engineering & Technology) Fair Fall 2014
16 Clemson University ​Fall Career Fair
16​ Pennsylvania State University Engineering Reverse Career Fair​
16​ Pennsylvania State University Non-Technical Full-Time Recruiting Day
16​ Indiana University​ ​Career and Internship Fair
16-17 Arizona State University Fall Career & Internship Fair @ Tempe
17​ Pennsylvania State University Internship/Co-op Recruiting Day​
17​ University of Texas at Austin  Engineering Career Fair​
17 University of Maryland ​Fall Career and Internship Fair
17​ ​University of Illinois ​Business Career Fair
17​ ​University of Georgia Career Fair​
17​ Miami University of Ohio Career Fair​
17 Kansas State University Sales Career Fair
18​ Virginia Tech​ ​Business Horizon's Career Fair
18​ ​Texas A&M University ​Business Career Fair
18​ Purdue University​ Business Career Fair​
18​ Pennsylvania State University Technical Full-Time Recruiting Day​
18​ Indiana University​ Marketing/Management Fair​
18 Pennsylvania State University ​Corporate Control and Financial Management Fair
18​ University of Maryland ​Computer Science Internship and Career Fair
19​ University of Maryland ​Smith School Undergraduate Career Fair - Business
22​ ​University of Michigan The Society of Women Engineers and Tau Beta Pi Career Fair​
23 University of Colorado Research, Design & Engineering Career Fair
23 University of Colorado Executive Speaker Series - Scott Donnelly, CEO
23-24 Kansas State University Kansas State All University Career Fair
24 ​University of Illinois Engineering Career Fair​
25 Michigan State University Finance Career Fair

October 2014

1​ ​University of South Carolina Darla Moore School of Business Expo - Fall 2014​
1 Texas Christian University ​Engineering & Technology Career Fair
1​ Arizona State University ​Engineering Career Fair
1​ Michigan State University ​Science, Engineering & Technology Exchange
1 ​University of Illinois Executive Speaker Series - Scott Hall, President - Industrial Segment
2​ Embry Riddle University​ Industry/Career Expo - Prescott Campus
2​ Michigan State University ​Business Exchange
6​ Pennsylvania State University Computer Science & Engineering and Electrical  ​Engineering Networking Events
8 Embry Riddle University​ Industry/Career Expo-Daytona Fair
8 University of Colorado Computers, Electronics & Telecommunications Career Fair
9 University of Notre Dame Executive Speaker Series - Frank Connor, EVP & CFO