Our Employee Talent Strategy

Textron is focused on developing employees throughout the enterprise so we have the right people in the right jobs at the right time; this is a key aspect of our talent strategy. When positions become available, we want our employees to be prepared to take on new opportunities and continue to grow and develop themselves.


Our talent development programs are tailored for employees at each stage of their careers and include a mix of enterprise-wide and business unit-specific programs.

  • Entry Level Programs
    • The Textron Leadership Development Program offers roughly 250 participants a year across all functions an opportunity to take rotational assignments at two or more of our businesses over a two-year period.
    • Rotational programs within some of our business units allow early career professionals exposure within functional areas such as engineering, integrated supply chain, sales and human resources.
  • Mid-Career Programs­ — our business units offer various programs designed for experienced professionals to broaden their skillsets, from functional development to curricula designed to transition individual contributors into leadership roles.
  • Leadership Programs — Textron offers formal learning experiences and programs for leaders, with offerings customized for first-time managers, managers of managers, managers of functions, and senior executives.


Textron’s employee training strategy uses a learner-centric approach to determine skills gaps and address them with appropriate development programs. Alongside on-the-job training, a wide variety of skills-based training is also offered to our employees by Textron University, an internal corporate function which provides facilitated classroom professional and leadership development programs and an online portal to take web-based courses, register for classroom programs, access advanced skills technical training and manage recertification of existing qualifications.

Our larger facilities sponsor career development events where employees can speak to representatives to broaden their knowledge of other functions, raise awareness of developmental tools and resources and learn about open job positions. Business units provide tailored functional training to match the needs of its business to its workforce such as leadership training programs, educational training for human resources professionals, and career and team development planning.

In addition, Textron’s Education Assistance Program reimburses employees for expenses from approved degree or certification programs from institutions accredited by the U.S. Department of Education. Expenses eligible for reimbursement (up to an annual limit) include costs for tuition, books, registration fees, laboratory, College Equivalency Programs and administrative fees. Textron also offers specialized programs, such as the CPA Incentive Package which reimburses employees for study materials, exam and certification fees and offers a financial incentive for passing the CPA exam.


Textron has a formal annual talent review process in which the current and future talent needs of each business are assessed. Paired with ongoing workforce planning, this process enables our talented employees to be challenged with new and different assignments as our businesses grow and evolve. In addition, leaders from our functional areas within each business belong to enterprise-wide councils which conduct annual talent reviews. In this way, employees who are ready to assume significant leadership roles can be matched to opportunities that best fit their career path, which may be in other businesses within the enterprise.


To support this talent strategy, our businesses periodically conduct employee engagement surveys to gather insight about our employees’ perceptions of job satisfaction, leadership, compensation and benefits, training, career development opportunities and workplace culture. In 2019, Textron was focused on preparing an enterprise-wide employee engagement survey which is anticipated to launch in 2020. The results and survey feedback will be shared with Textron’s leadership, including the Board of Directors, and will guide actions to improve employee engagement.

Ultimately, ensuring our employees are engaged and supported throughout their career journey at Textron from hire to retire allows us to retain talented people.


As Textron employees take advantage of career growth and development opportunities, they are promoted or move into roles of increasing responsibility. To replenish our talent pool at the entry level, we work with colleges and other educational organizations to offer internships and workforce development programs to their students. Successful participants may be offered direct-hire positions or participation in entry-level programs such as the Leadership Development Program or rotational programs. As a result, these entry-level employees work alongside talented peers, colleagues and managers as they acquire real-world, hands-on experience, develop new skills and chart their career path.

In addition, our business units participate in community and educational workforce development programs such as:

  • AMSkills: TRU Simulation + Training works with this multi-discipline, advanced technical training and apprenticeship program to prepare future manufacturing leaders in the greater Tampa area.
  • Wichita State Innovation Campus: Around 40 Textron Aviation employees share facilities with Wichita State students to advance product innovation and help students better understand career opportunities within general aviation by giving them access to real-world applications and the training needed to effortlessly assimilate into the workforce.
  • The Reaching Potential Through Manufacturing (RPM) program, a joint initiative of Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc. and the Richmond County School System in Augusta, Georgia provides at-risk pupils with valuable real-world work experience in manufacturing, a steady income, and a means to make up lost ground toward their high school diploma. Since the first students matriculated in August 2016, 150 at-risk high school students have earned their diploma through RPM. Currently, more than 40 RPM alumni are employed at TSV, and many others have found gainful employment at other companies or continued their education in college.
  • Textron Aviation partners with the Kansas Workforce Alliance to offer the Youth Employment Project (YEP). In 2019, 60 (up from 25 in 2018) local high school students served as paid, part-time interns as part of a six-week program during the summer. YEP interns worked closely with their department leaders, learning about Textron Aviation’s business, necessary workplace skills and future career opportunities.

    Pay equity is integral to our core values and enables us to attract, retain, develop and motivate highly qualified and diverse people. Our compensation principles support our commitment to fair and equitable pay throughout the employment lifecycle and include enterprise compensation guidelines and regular internal reviews to ensure fair pay.

    Further to this commitment, in 2019 we conducted an in-depth analysis of our compensation practices covering all U.S.-based, non-bargained employees. The purpose of this analysis was to identify any pay discrepancies so we can take necessary action to ensure fair and consistent pay practices with respect to race and gender. The analysis confirmed that Textron’s pay practices are fair and consistent and did not identify any areas of systemic discrimination associated with race or gender in our compensation practices.

    We will continue to regularly conduct internal and external reviews of our pay practices to ensure that we continue to meet this commitment to fair pay.


    Textron’s businesses, functions and facilities have various employee recognition and incentive programs to recognize excellence. The highest level of employee recognition is the annual Textron Chairman’s Award for Innovation which rewards employees who have made significant contributions to innovation, growth, productivity or customer service. In addition to other rewards, each winner is recognized on the Chairman’s Award Wall of Fame at Textron’s World Headquarters.

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1,480 employees utilized tuition reimbursement via the Education Assistance Program

$7.2 million reimbursed to employees via the Education Assistance Program

19,089 employees participated in company-provided professional, technical or leadership development instructor-led classes

61,086 classroom completions of company-provided technical (job or functional) and/or professional training

More than 100,000 online professional and technical development courses completed by employees

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As part of the National Council for the American Worker, the Trump Administration asked companies and trade groups throughout the country to sign Our Pledge to America’s Workers — committing to expand programs that educate, train, and reskill American workers from high-school age to near-retirement. Textron, a signatory of the pledge, promised to create 4,100 new education and training opportunities for students and workers over the next five years.

In 2019, Textron reported that we surpassed our pledge, specifically in the area of new workers in internships, college hire rotational programs, co-op programs, continuing education, on-the-job training, reskilling, leadership programs and traditional apprenticeships.

Scott Donnelly, Textron’s Chairman and CEO, says, “Programs like these are good for our people and good for our company—we’re looking forward to expanding our work in these areas.”