At Textron we are committed to the values of integrity, respect, trust and pursuit of excellence in all our employee, business and community relationships. We are also dedicated to reducing our impact on the environment while improving the sustainability of our products and operations, and ensuring workplace safety and the health of our employees. We carry out the company’s business with fairness, honesty, integrity and high ethical standards, and in compliance with the laws and regulations of the countries in which we conduct business. These standards govern our conduct when making decisions which affect Textron. This is demonstrated in our relationships with:

    We maintain a laser-sharp focus on anticipating, understanding and addressing our customers’ needs. This applies to all of us, regardless of the role we play in the organization.
    Our employees are the key to the success of our business. We value the differences among our employees, and ensure everyone feels included and can be their best at work. These differences enrich the workplace and improve our ability to attract employees and work with customers in today’s global marketplace. We strive for an environment in which every employee is respected and valued, and we encourage the full contribution of all employees to make our company stronger.
    Textron’s business partners are an extension of our company and are chosen and monitored carefully. When agents, sales representatives, dealers, distributors, consultants and joint venture partners are engaged in Textron business, they are required to comply with applicable laws and to adhere to standards of business conduct consistent with the Textron Business Conduct Guidelines.
    We work to build strong business relationships with our suppliers based on lawful, honest business practices and the best interests of Textron and our customers. Our purchasing decisions are always based on appropriate business criteria such as price, quality, technical leadership, reliability and the reputation of the supplier. Our suppliers are required to comply with the Textron Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Other Business Partners.
    Through volunteerism, philanthropic giving and the non-profit Textron Charitable Trust, we support a wide variety of charitable organizations and community interests in the places we do business, work and live.