Investing for future growth, organically and through acquisitions, is a key strategy for Textron. Here are a few notable examples.

Textron Aviation continued to invest in its growing portfolio throughout the year. The Cessna SkyCourier accumulated over 2100 hours of flight test activity by year-end and achieved FAA type certification in the first quarter of 2022. In November of 2021, the Beechcraft Denali began its flight test program with a milestone first flight, powered by the new GE Catalyst engine. Continuing its commitment to investing in existing platforms, in 2021, Aviation announced the Citation CJ4, M2 and XLS Gen2 aircraft upgrades offering enhanced passenger comfort and new design elements. On the defense side, Aviation announced a contract establishing Thailand as the international launch customer for the Beechcraft AT-6 Wolverine, through a foreign military sale.
Bell continued its pursuit of the Army’s Future Vertical Lift programs, which remain a key part of their long-term outlook. In September, Bell submitted the RFP for the U.S. Army’s Future Long Range Assault Aircraft program. The U.S. Army is expected to award the contract for the FLRAA program in mid-2022. On the Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft program, Bell has completed about 80% of the prototype build of its 360 Invictus aircraft. Also in 2021, Bell opened its Manufacturing Technology Center, an innovative proving ground to test and refine technologies and processes across Bell’s core production capabilities.
Textron systems delivered three additional Ship-to-Shore connector craft to the U.S. Navy during the year and continues to induct production craft into the manufacturing line. On the land vehicle side, Systems delivered four RIPSAW M5 vehicles to the U.S. Army for testing as part of their Robotic Combat Vehicle-medium program and Systems was awarded a prototype agreement for the U.S. Marine Corps Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle program, with its purpose-built Cottonmouth vehicle. Also, the Systems adversary air business, ATAC, continued to fly its fleet of F1 aircraft in support of increased demand on USAF, Navy and Marine Corps tactical air programs.
INDUSTRIAL completed many key innovation milestones throughout the portfolio. Textron Specialized Vehicles unveiled the Liberty, the industry’s first vehicle with four forward-facing seats in a golf-car-sized footprint. This product utilizes the successful TSV lithium-ion battery technology that is also powering Textron GSE’s new TUG 660 Li belt loader. To help expand battery technology across ground support equipment globally, TSV established a strategic collaboration with GM to electrify its diverse product line. Kautex continued to grow its hybrid electric fuel systems business, securing eight new contract awards. Kautex also completed development of and began to market its Pentatonic battery system, a lightweight battery housing for use in electric vehicles.