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2018 revenues

2018 Revenues by region

Our Industrial segment offers two main product lines: fuel systems and functional components produced by Kautex and specialized vehicles manufactured by the Textron Specialized Vehicles businesses. Our Tools & Test product line was sold on July 2, 2018.

Textron Specialized Vehicles designs and manufactures golf cars, professional turf care equipment, commercial and industrial utility vehicles, recreational side-by-sides and ATVs, snowmobiles, and ground support equipment for the aviation industry. These products are sold under the E-Z-GO®, Cushman®, Arctic Cat®, Jacobsen®, Ransomes®, TUG, Douglas, Premier and Safeaero brands. These businesses have a diversified customer base that includes golf courses and resorts, government agencies and municipalities, consumers, outdoor enthusiasts, and commercial and industrial users such as factories, warehouses, airports, planned communities, hunting preserves, mountains, educational and corporate campuses, sporting venues, municipalities, utilities, and agriculture and landscaping professionals.

Kautex is a Top 100 global automotive supplier. The company is a leading developer and manufacturer of blow-molded plastic fuel systems and advanced fuel systems, including pressurized fuel tanks for hybrid applications, cars, light trucks and all-terrain vehicles. Kautex also develops and manufactures clear-vision systems for automobiles, selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems, engine camshafts, crankshafts and other engine components, and industrial plastics packaging.

Key data

(Dollars in millions) 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
Revenues $4,291 $4,286 $3,794 $3,544 $3,338
Segment profit $218 $290 $329 $302 $280
Segment profit margin 5.1% 6.8% 8.7% 8.5% 8.4%
Total assets $2,815 $3,360 $2,409 $2,236 $2,171
Capital expenditures $132 $158 $121 $105 $97
Depreciation and amortization $112 $105 $81 $76 $76


(In millions) 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
Fuel Systems and
Components $2,352 $2,330 $2,273 $2,078 $1,975
Specialized Vehicles 1,691 1,486 1,080 1,021 868
Tools and Test
Equipment1 248 470 441 445 495
Total revenues $4,291 $4,286 $3,794 $3,544 $3,338
1 The Tools & Test product line was sold on July 2, 2018.

Arctic Cat Wildcat XX


Kautex Clear Vision System


Arctic Cat M 8000 Mountain Cat Alpha One


Product Line Description
Textron Specialized Vehicles
Consumer A wide range of vehicles in the outdoor powersports market, including side-by-sides and ATVs under the Arctic Cat brand and personal transportation vehicles (PTVs) under the E-Z-GO brand. PTVs are modified E-Z-GO golf cars used primarily in planned communities and neighborhoods.
Commercial Commercial utility vehicles in a number of commercial markets, including agriculture, construction, facilities maintenance, and manufacturing and distribution centers. Vehicle models range from commercial electric, gas, and diesel-powered side-by-sides to electrically powered industrial burden carriers and tuggers designed primarily for indoor use. Vehicles are sold under the Cushman brand.
Golf Golf car fleets, professional mowing and turf care equipment, and utility and hospitality vehicles in golf courses and resorts worldwide. Golf cars are sold under the E-Z-GO brand, with turf-care professional equipment sold under the Jacobsen brand, and utility and hospitality vehicles under the Cushman brand.
Ground Support Equipment Ground support equipment for airlines, cargo carriers, and airports worldwide. Product lines include towbarless and conventional aircraft pushbacks, deicing equipment, belt loaders, cargo and baggage tractors, ground power units, air-starts and mobile HVAC units. Equipment is sold under the TUG, Douglas, Premier, and Safeaero brands and under the Textron GSE name.
Turf Turf care equipment for professional groundskeepers, and municipal and institutional turf managers under the Jacobsen and Ransomes brands.
Snow A variety of snowmobiles for the snow powersports market including trail, crossover, mountain, utility, touring, and youth sleds. All sleds are sold under the Arctic Cat brand.
Lightweight, all-plastic hybrid fuel tank First to market in 2015, the all-plastic, lightweight pressurized fuel tank is suitable for hybrid applications. The tank is created using Kautex’s NGFS® twin sheet technology, adding patented stiffening elements to withstand the pressure/vacuum requirements needed for hybrid applications and eliminating the need for steel support.
Next Generation Fuel Systems (NGFS®) NGFS® technology, also known as “twin sheet” technology, helps reduce emissions and weight while potentially increasing volume depending on tank design. NGFS® is produced by lowering two sheets of multi-layered parison through the extrusion head of the blow molding machine. The “twin sheet” design allows easy access for components to be integrated directly into the plastic shell, thus eliminating the need for cutting and welding and reducing emissions.
Conventional, co-extrusion fuel systems A multi-layer extrusion process that includes a series of virgin layers of High Density Polyethylene Extrusion, regrind, and ethylene vinyl alcohol—the “barrier” layer that reduces the emission of hydrocarbons into the atmosphere.
Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Systems The Kautex SCR system helps eliminate nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from diesel fuel systems. The SCR system injects AdBlue®/DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid: urea/water solution) into the exhaust system, reducing the harmful NOx emission to water and nitrogen. SCR systems can reduce NOx by approximately 85% (98% less than EU 4/5) and reduce fuel consumption by 8%.
Windscreen, headlamp and camera cleaning systems/solutions Dirt from muddy roads, dust, frost, snow, and pollution can all affect the performance of the vehicle’s windshield, headlights or camera system(s). To help safeguard the full functionality of these components, Kautex Clear Vision Systems (CVS) has created solutions including washer fill & storage, washer fluid management and nozzles for headlights, windshields, camera and ADAS sensors.
ADAS sensor cleaning systems/solutions Autonomous driving vehicles require the usage of various cameras and sensors. For safety reasons these sensors need to be clean to ensure proper functionality of the related Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).