Investing for future growth, organically and through acquisitions, is a key strategy for Textron. Here are a few notable examples.

Bell completed a major milestone in its pursuit of the Army’s Future Vertical Lift programs, as it was down selected for the next phase in the Future Long Range Attack Aircraft and Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft programs. Bells’ offering for FLRAA, the V-280 Valor, is one of two competitors selected for the competitive demonstration and risk reduction phase. The V-280 is well positioned, as it has been flying for over 2 years and continuously demonstrates its speed, agility and versatility in both piloted and autonomous flight. On FARA, the Bell 360 Invictus was selected as one of two competitors for the design, build and testing of a prototype rotorcraft. The 360 Invictus offers an affordable, sustainable and lethal design and utilizes proven technology, the high-performance rotor system and fly-by-wire controls from the Bell 525 Relentless.
Textron Aviation received type certification for the Citation Longitude in the third quarter of 2019. Following certification, Textron Aviation delivered 13 Longitudes in the fourth quarter, which included the first Longitude unit to NetJets. Textron Aviation also continued to make significant progress on the development of its twin-engine utility turboprop, the Cessna SkyCourier. The SkyCourier prototype successfully completed its first flight in May of 2020. The SkyCourier continues to progress towards entry into service in 2021, with FedEx as the launch customer.
Textron systems reached an agreement with the U.S. Navy on the first production lot of the Ship-to-Shore Connector program for the next 15 craft. At Marine and Land, the Ripsaw M5 was awarded a contract to provide the U.S. Army base platform prototypes for its Robotic Combat Vehicle—Medium program.
Textron Specialized Vehicles launched a new distribution channel through our agreement with Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, and independent Tracker Marine dealers, selling its Tracker branded vehicles.