Textron’s Resilient Facilities

At Textron we define resilient facilities as ones that have the people, programs and infrastructure in place to respond to and rebound quickly from crisis events. This concept enables us to ensure the safety of our employees, protect our physical assets and continue to deliver our products and services to our customers around the globe. We prepare for all manner of crisis events, including fires, natural disasters, climate-change-related extreme weather events, pandemics, active shooter situations and industrial accidents.


To stay ahead of a crisis before it occurs, Textron has crisis management teams in place at both the enterprise and individual business unit levels. These cross-functional teams are tasked with developing plans to address potential risks to our facilities and to identify resources that can be utilized in times of crisis. Preparedness is a fundamental part of these crisis management plans, and training is conducted on a frequent basis, both live and simulated, to ensure the crisis management plans meet the needs of both the business unit and Textron management.

If an extreme event causes damage to our facilities or endangers our employees, these plans provide guidelines on how management is to address a crisis situation with a rapid, systematic, orderly and controlled response.

Once a crisis has been resolved, the core team evaluates the situation to determine its effectiveness and identify opportunities for improvement to thwart future crises.

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