0% Bell Helicopter’s share of Textron 2015 revenues


(Dollars in millions) 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011
Bell Helicopter
Units sold:
U.S. Government 48 71 78 73 78
Commercial 175 178 213 188 125
Backlog $5,224 $5,524 $6,450 $7,469 $7,346
Revenues $3,454 $4,245 $4,511 $4,274 $3,525
Segment profit $400 $529 $573 $639 $521
Segment profit margin 11.6% 12.5% 12.7% 15.0% 14.8%
Total assets $2,829 $2,858 $2,899 $2,399 $2,247
Capital expenditures $97 $152 $197 $172 $184
Depreciation and amortization $143 $132 $116 $102 $95
Bell Helicopter is an industry-leading producer of commercial and military vertical lift aircraft and the pioneer of the revolutionary tiltrotor aircraft. Globally recognized for world-class customer service, innovation and superior quality, Bell Helicopter’s global workforce serves customers flying Bell Helicopter aircraft in more than 120 countries.

Revenue by Region

Sales Breakdown

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Strategic Steps Forward

  • Focus on developing and investing in Bell Helicopter’s talent.
  • Expand Bell Helicopter’s position as the innovation experts in the rotorcraft industry.
  • Reinforce the commercial product line by upgrading existing products, developing derivatives and introducing new models, including the 525 Relentless and 505 Jet Ranger X.
  • Upgrade existing and explore new military-focused products including the development of the next-generation tiltrotor technology (V-280) for future product offerings.
  • Execute on UH-1Y, AH-1Z and V-22 programs with an increased focus on the mission requirements of military customers and pursue international opportunities.
  • Improve the helicopter aftermarket business model through lifetime aircraft support and expanded service and training offerings.
  • Strengthen cost competitiveness through continued improvement in worldwide manufacturing productivity and modernizing business systems.

Fast Facts

  • At the end of 2015, Bell Helicopter had approximately 7,050 employees.
  • Major facilities are located in Fort Worth, TX; Amarillo, TX; Piney Flats, TN; Lafayette, LA; Mirabel, Canada; Prague, Czech Republic; and Singapore.
  • Approximately 13,000 Bell Helicopter manufactured and licensed aircraft are flying in more than 120 countries.
  • More than 29% of all helicopters in operation today carry the brand, including both military and commercial applications.
  • Worldwide service network of more than 100 Bell Helicopter authorized Customer Service Facilities and eight Bell Helicopter operated service centers, two of which are co-located with Textron Aviation: one in Singapore and one in the Czech Republic.
  • Received #1 ranking in all three of the aviation industry’s most prominent customer surveys: Aviation International News’ 2015 Product Support Survey for the 10th consecutive year; Professional Pilot ’s Helicopter Product Support Survey for the 22nd consecutive year and Vertical ’s Helicopter Manufacturer’s Survey.


  Description First Delivery Seating Capacity
(including pilots)
Loads (lbs)
Speed (kts)
Range (nm)
505 Jet Ranger X Light single-engine, five-seat entry-level helicopter 20161 5 +1,500 +125 +360
206L-4 Long Ranger Light single-engine, extended cabin version of the Jet Ranger 1992 7 2,119 109 325
407GXP Light single-engine, helicopter with fully integrated glass cockpit and
performance improvement, payload increase and pilot workload reduction
2015 7 2,306 133 337
429/429WLG Light twin-engine helicopter, best-in-class cabin volume 2009 8 2,535 150 411
412 EP/EPI Twin-engine with the highest dispatch reliability and the lowest hourly cost 1981 15 5,100 122 357
525 Relentless Twin-engine with best-in-class payload, range, passenger and cargo volume
with an integrated avionics and ARC Horizon flight deck system with Fly-by-
Wire Advanced Control Laws
20171 18 +7,400 +155 +500
OH-58D Kiowa Warrior Armed reconnaissance helicopter for U.S. Army 1986 2 2,200 114 268
TH-67 Trainer Military training helicopter 1993 3 1,321 115 374
Huey II Upgrade of U.S. Army and worldwide UH-1H model Huey 1995 15 5,060 106 246
UH-1Y State-of-the-art fully integrated utility and combat support helicopter 2006 12 6,675 158 350
AH-1Z State-of-the-art fully integrated weapons system attack helicopter 2006 2 6,580 160 380
Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey Military tiltrotor aircraft, being produced in partnership with Boeing 1999 27 25,500 266 1,100
Bell V-280 Valor Third-generation military tiltrotor, being developed for the Army’s Joint
Multi-Role (JMR) Technology Demonstrator (TD) Program
TBD 16 12,000 280 800
  1. Estimate of first delivery

Commercial Business

  • The Bell 505 Jet Ranger X continues to make progress with flight test vehicles one-three charting increased flight hours and completing additional tests toward certification. More than 350 letters of intent to purchase this aircraft have been signed since its unveiling.
  • The Bell 525 completed its first flight test on July 1, 2015, at Bell Helicopter’s Amarillo, Texas facility. The second Bell 525 flight test vehicle completed first flight on December 22, 2015. Entering 2016, there are more than 75 letters of intent to purchase the aircraft around the globe.
  • Bell Helicopter and long-term partner Fuji Heavy Industries were awarded a contract for 150 multipurpose helicopters to replace Japan’s Ground Self-Defense Force’s current fleet of UH-1J aircraft. The new UH-X aircraft, based on the Bell 412EPI, will be used for island defense and disaster relief efforts with deployment beginning in 2021.
  • Bell introduced the Bell 407GXP at Heli-Expo 2015 and announced the sale of 200 Bell 407GXPs configured for Helicopter Emergency Medical Services mission to Air Methods Corporation. This order marks one of the largest commercial sales in Bell Helicopter’s history and one of the largest orders in the industry’s history. Deliveries commenced in January 2016 with a 10-year contract.

Military Business

  • The first V-280 Valor tiltrotor began assembly, including assembly and painting of the first fuselage which was delivered to Bell Helicopter in October 2015. First flight of this aircraft is anticipated in 2017.
  • The Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey program secured its first foreign military sale for five of a planned 17 V-22s slated for Japan’s Ministry of Defense.
  • Bell Helicopter and the U.S. Marine Corps received the first international order on the H-1 Program for the first three of a planned 12 AH-1Z aircraft to Pakistan.
  • The Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey surpassed 300,000 flight hours, making it the most in-demand aircraft in the U.S. Marine Corps and quickly becoming our nation’s crisis response platform of choice.

Commercial Product Price Points

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Bell Helicopter Competition
Bell Helicopter Competition
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