Junior Achievement Inspire Event

November 21, 2019

​The Textron Corporate University Relations team brought Textron to the Junior Achievement Inspire Event where 8,000 eighth graders throughout Rhode Island were able to explore possible future career options at companies across Rhode Island. Textron employees were there to answer questions, engage with the students, pass out information and spend time with them to help them begin thinking about possible career paths and opportunities.

“It was great talking with students about their futures, whether they had a specific career path in mind or not,” said Eva Walper, a digital communications specialist. “The students were really engaged and eager to learn about Textron.”

This two-day event held at the Rhode Island Convention Center, gave thousands of students the chance to think about how their interests and skills could help them find a career that is rewarding and enjoyable. Students were engaged as they walked around the event to ask questions and see some of Textron’s products.

Elliana Fiskio, a university relations specialist said, “The Junior Achievement Inspire Event was an amazing opportunity for students to learn more, not only about what possible careers they could have, but also how many companies there are in Rhode Island. It was awesome to see the students be so excited about what possible careers they could have! I wish I had an event like this when I was in 8th grade.”