Giving Back is In Our Blood

March 2020

It’s a routine that’s been taking place at Textron’s Corporate office headquarters in Providence every other month for nearly 30 years: The Rhode Island Blood Center visits our building and Textron employees roll up their sleeves to donate blood.

During this time, our employees have donated more than 2,800 pints of blood, which has helped more than 8,400 people. It’s been an incredible partnership between Textron and the non-profit organization, which serves as the primary supplier of blood for Rhode Island hospitals. 

As this partnership approaches its 30th anniversary, it remains a mainstay among Textron employees. In fact, during the most recent blood drive in February, 55 employees turned out to give blood, our highest number of presenting donors.

While some of our blood drives come with incentives and prize drawings, most say the act of donating is incentive enough. “I give because I’m lucky that I’m healthy enough to give,” says Kali Rundle, a frequent donor. “I want others to have a chance at being healthy enough to give someday, too.”  

Our employees love to give back to their community where we live and work. And the Rhode Island Blood Center appreciates our employees for their efforts. 

“With Textron being one of the few larger organizations in Rhode Island, your regular blood drive sponsorship and employee participation are crucial to ensuring a steady blood supply for the patients and hospitals we serve,” says Kara LeBlanc, marketing communications manager at Rhode Island Blood Center. “Each and every blood donation from Textron has the power to profoundly impact the lives of people in our community.

To all our donors – past, present and future – thank you! You’ve made a difference in the lives of many.