Textron Honored with Workforce Development Award

September 2020


Textron’s Executive Vice President, HR Julie Duffy receives award from Ivanka Trump and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

Textron is one of nine companies and trade associations to be honored for their excellence in workforce education and training. Julie Duffy, executive vice president, Human Resources, accepted the inaugural Pledge to America’s Workers Presidential Award at a ceremony Wednesday (9/23) at the White House.

Textron was recognized for its commitment to developing its workforce through skills-based training and continuous learning programs and supporting the next generation of employees through apprenticeships, internships and work-based opportunities. In 2018, Textron pledged to provide 26,000 enhanced career opportunities to America’s workforce over the next five years as part of the Pledge to America’s Workers initiative. In fact, Textron exceeded its commitment in just 24 months and has laid the groundwork for continued workforce training and development over the next three years.

Chairman & CEO Scott Donnelly said Textron was honored to receive this recognition on behalf of its 35,000 employees.

“Textron’s strength is its people. That’s why we’re committed to developing our workforce through skills-based training and continuous learning programs and supporting our next generation of employees through apprenticeships, internships and work-based learning programs,” Donnelly said. “These types of programs represent our ongoing commitment to ensure our skilled workforce are prepared to build and deliver world-class products for our customers.”

Jackie Sweeney, Textron’s Director of Leadership & Organizational Development, attended the ceremony with Julie Duffy.

Textron’s workforce development strategy is built on a structured and comprehensive process to continuously develop employees, provide new employment opportunities by creating a skilled workforce through targeted partnerships with external educational institutions and implement a talent strategy that rewards and recognizes people through promotion, mobility and creation of a strong bench of new talent.

In recognizing Textron with the award, John P. Pallasch, the U.S. Department of Labor’s assistant secretary for employment and training, said the company’s talent strategy was focused on developing a pipeline of technical and leadership talent.

“Textron’s employee-training strategy uses a learner-centric approach to determine skills gaps and address them with the appropriate development programs to help its talent to grow at any stage of its career,” Pallasch said in his remarks at the ceremony. “Its programs include internships, apprenticeships, rotations, leadership development, mid-career development, Textron University and education assistance.

“Ensuring its employees are engaged and supported throughout their career journey at the company from hire to retire allows the company to retain talented people.”

Even as our businesses have worked through a global pandemic, we’ve remained committed to continuing develop our workforce, maintain our external partnership programs to create opportunities and provide safe, in-person internships on site at our facilities across the country.